My name is Katja and I’m a breeder of Staffordhire Bull Terriers. My family comprises of my husband and my four children. Our first Stafford Sinibin Beta, a.k.a. Patu, arrived to us in summer 2008 and made us all fall in love with this cheerful breed which is also very fond of children. In spring 2009 came Evanescence’s Nina Pretty Ballerina, a.k.a. Piitu, my first bitch from Sweden.┬áPiitu fulfills all the objectives that I’ve set for my breeding, and my dream of breeding this lovely breed came true. Thank you Nathalie for this beautiful, healthy and lovely charactered ‘Red Jewel’.

I breed in a small scale and my objective is to breed healthy, good tempered Staffords with typical appearance. Our dogs stay with us as loved family members as long as they live. The puppies I breed are delivered chipped, vet examined and registered. They can eventually be shown and they can serve as your partner in various hobbies but they are essentially delivered to be family members for the loving families.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. You are also welcome to visit me and my dogs.

With kind regards,


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