Piitu became Finnish Champion 12.8.2012!

Piitu became a Finnish Champion yesterday in Helsinki Summer Show.

Piitu Helsingin Kesänäyttelyssä 12.8.2012

Piitu poses as BOS with Nightstaff Dream Catcherin (ROP). Judge is Andras Polgar, Poland.

Piitu at the home yard with trophies


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Picture updates from I&II -litter

There is pictures below from both of my litters. It took awhile again to upload these and some of them are taken when Patti (Möhköfantti) was still staying with us and there was still snow on the ground…

Söde and tiger called Voitto

Söde chewing her bed

Söde and Patti taking it easy

Söde on the snowdrift

Söde walking outside

Söde enjoying the sun shine

... and continues her walking

Taking a break in Jutta's lap

Söde and Patti

Girls learning to use their leashes

Patti trudging

... and wading in icy water

It's time to dry a little bit

and warm up in Minttu's lap

Patti was Minttu's favourite puppy

Sepe (Sepedeus) posing at home

Rambo (Herra Tulppa) at home

Toy mouse had got Patti tired

This is the position where we remember Patti best

Aatu from I -litter watchful

Aatu is a gorgeous boy












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Few pictures from today’s posing session

Below there are few pictures taken from today’s posing session. The puppies now have their ′official′ names as follows:

Pöde ↔ Sepedeus
Tulppa ↔ Herra Tulppa
Plösö ↔ Möhköfantti
Söde ↔ Tähtisilmä

We go with these from now on…

Sepedeus' side pose

Sepedeus' front pose


Herra Tulppa's side pose

Herra Tulppa's front pose

Herra Tulppa on manly pink fleece

Möhköfantti's side pose

Möhköfantti's front pose


Tähtisilmä's side pose

Tähtisilmä's front pose


Tähtisilmä and Sepedeus drinking from the bowl

Leap day's family portrait with Otso


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Pictures of II-litter

There are few new pictures below. Puppies are almost one month now.

Taking a walk outside the puppybox





It was boys turn to wtach the puppies - brother Otso and Patu

Otso checking the teeth and the breath

Otso trying to infiltrate into the litter


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II -litter was born on January 18th 2012

II -litter was born on 18.1. with  cesarean section as first of the puppies, now called as Tulppa (plug), had decided to grow one-third larger than others. Litter consist of four puppies, two males (Tulppa and Pöde) and two bitches (Plösö and Söde). They all survived. Below are pictures of the puppies on their second day and pictures taken today (10 days).


Tulppa 10 days

Patu wondering Tulppa


Pöde 10 days

Pöde and Patu

Boys Tulppa and Pöde 2 days


Plösö 10 days

Plösö and Patu


Söde 10 days

Söde and Patu

Söde and Mette

Girls Plösö and Söde

Piitu and puppies

Piitu manages to pose a bit with puppies

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Christmas Greetings 2011



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Sorry, this entry is only available in suomi.

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Sikaniskan boys in their first show

Aatu ja Otso participated their first show. Even thought it wasn’t such a success, the day was very  pleasent. Thanks to Hanna and Jukka for it!

There are few pics below taken from the show.

Aatu's side pose

Aatu front poses

Otso's front pose

Boys during the competition

Boys posing after the show


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Piitu mated with Pena again

Piitu has been mated again with Pena and puppies are expected in January. Hopefully we will get a bitch for us this time… Fingers Crossed

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Aatu ja Otso visited together

Aatu ja Otso visited us last Saturday. It was very nice day together and even the sun shined a bit. Many thanks to Jukka, Emilia and Hanna for visiting us, it’s always a pleasure to meet the boys.

Here are few pics below.

Otso pulled the hose again with Mum

Aatu wasn't that interested in playing so he just chewed the another one

Occasionally he watched the playing quite carefully...

Then we practised a little posing, Aatu shows an example...

... and from the side

Otso agreed to pose from the front but it wasn't that easy Smile

Pic according the *Mom and the boys' -theme

And last just the brothers themselves



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